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Wind Turbine is a device used to extract the kinetic energy from the wind and transform the kinetic energy into the mechanical energy. Then the mechanical energy is utilized. In other word, when the wind blows through the turbine the kinetic energy is transferred to the turbine blades to cause the turbine to rotate. This energy from the rotation can be utilized. The amount of the electricity produced is depended on the speed of the wind, the length of the blade, and the location of the wind turbine. The company has 8 wind power plant projects with total capacity of 386 MW.

Wind power plant project with capacity of 126 MW
Totally 3 Projects located at Nakhonsithammarat province and Songkhla province
No. Name of project Capacity Location
1 Hadkunghan 1 36 Megawatts Ranode Sub-District, Ranode District, Songkhla Province.
2 Hadkunghan 2 45 Megawatts Huasai Sub-district, Huasai District, Nakhonsithammarat Province.
3 Hadkunghan 3 45 Megawatts Kanabnok Sub-district, Pakpanang District, Nakhonsithammarat Province.
Remark : Scheduled Commercial Operation Date (SCOD) is specify date of distribute as stipulated in PPA contract.
Scheduled Commercial Operation Date (SCOD) in above schedule is starting sale electric as stipulated in proposal of sale.
Investment scheme : EA invest indirectly through a Holding company at 99.97%.
Status : The Hadkanghan Project 1, 2 and 3, each project is a small power producer (SPP), which will directly sell current to the Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand (EGAT). All three projects are under construction.
Adder : 3.50 Baht per kWh for 10 years since COD
BOI Tax Privileges : BOI has already approved to promote the project
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