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Investment Manager
Production Manager

Investment Manager รายละเอียด

Responsibility :

  • Collect and analyze for business perspective, finance perspective and project investment perspective to be information for management decision making
  • Project feasibility study and financial model calculate and report
  • Sourcing for project loan and project finance

Qualifications :

  • Male or Female, age between 28-40 years
  • Experience in finance, banking, project analysis or related fields at least 3 years with direct experience 1 years
  • Bachelor’s degree or higher in Finance, Accounting, Business Administration, Economic or related fields
  • Have knowledge in finance and accounting
  • Experience in project finance and financial model from energy project or holding company will be preferable
  • Good initiative and analytical thinking
  • Computer literacy
  • Good communication in English

Production Manager รายละเอียด

Job Functions :

  • Conduct production planning, operation , quality control and maintenance to be complied with the master plan and policy
  • Control plant production yield according to the company target
  • Conduct the Implementation of the company strategy and policy to be practiced by all staff
  • Report the business performance to the management, committee and the board of director
  • Plan and manage human resource for Bio-diesel business unit
  • Control subordinate work to ensure the compliance to company rules and regulations and also report to management for major non-compliance
  • Conduct and control the appropriate system and implementation of safety control and environmental measurement including preventive plan and emergency plan
  • Well manage assets, information system and reports
  • Other tasks as assignment

Requirements :

  • Bachelor or Master in Engineer or Industrial Science filed with business management knowledge
  • Minimum of 8 years’ experience in Production, Business Development from Chemical industry or Refinery industry
  • At least 5 years’ experience in managerial level
  • Ability to manage and motivate teams to consistently deliver high performance
  • Professional communication skills


INVESTMENT MANAGER / Investment Manager

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PRODUCTION MANAGER / Production Manager

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