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Receiving complaints/whistleblowing

To promote anti-corruption activities, the Company has set up a Whistle Blowing, Misconduct and Corruption Policy as a guideline for consideration and practice. To receive complaints about wrongdoing and corruption both inside and outside the organization. With details as follows

Complaints/Whistleblowing Policy

Shareholders, directors, executives, employees and all groups of stakeholders Can provide clues in case of any doubt Or seeing actions that are suspected to violate or fail to comply with laws, regulations, or business ethics Or an event that may cause damage to the company To the Chairman of the Audit Committee By sending a letter by post to the address below Or notify via the Company's website, whereby the company will keep such information confidential so that the whistleblower does not suffer The whistleblowing channels are as follows:

Address : 16th Floor, AIA Capital Center Building 89 Ratchadaphisek Road, Dindaeng Bangkok 10400
Tel : 02 248 2488-92 ANd 02 002 3667-9
Fax : 0-2248-2493
E-mail : [email protected]
If you did not receive a fair investment, or found guilty of Acts of unfair competition on the company and investors, The Audit Committee and / or Board of Directors
will performed with a complaint and clues that you inform us as soon as possible to be fair to investors

Please complete the form below, your information will be submitted to the Board / Audit committee
Your information will be protected as confidential.

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I have read and accepted terms and conditions specified in the Privacy Policy and do hereby consent to the collecting, processing and/or disclosing of the personal data provided by me to fulfil the above-said purposes.
Conditions and consideration for receiving complaints/whistleblowing
  • 1) Details of the complaint They must be truthful, clear, and have enough information to be investigated for further action.
  • 2) Complainants can choose not to disclose themselves. In order to protect the complainant
  • 3) Information received by the chairman of the audit committee will be kept confidential.
  • 4) complaints that have been screened and fact-checked It will be reported to the Board of Directors.
    To consider and determine the appropriate measures in the future
  • 5) Complainants will be protected. Both employees of the Company and third parties
The operation
  • 1) Inform the progress result of consideration of complaints To the complainant who can disclose the name and contact address
  • 2) The Company reserves the right not to disclose detailed information about investigations or disciplinary action.
    Affecting personal information And keeping secrets